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Tåg till Rydsgård, Skåne (TTRS) is a fan-made expansion for the Days of Wonder board game Ticket to Ride. It is a partially almost entirely correct reproduction of existing, or previously existing, train lines in the southern-most part of Sweden (Scania and its closest neighbours).

TTRS currently consists of a map, suitable for 2-4 players, tickets, train cards and the additional rules for this particular expansion. Follow our work on this site or in our Facebook group: Tåg till Rydsgård, Skåne.

Tåg till Rydsgård, Skåne is going to be printed and available at cost, hopefully in time for christmas 2022. You will need a copy of a standard Ticket to Ride (e.g. USA, Europe, Germany) to be able to play. Tåg till Rydsgård uses train sets of up to 40 pieces per player.

Cover of Tåg till Rydsgård